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CAED Lecture Series - Resource Lists

This guide features selected resources on featured lecturers appearing at the Kent State College of Architecture and Environmental Design.

Selected Resources for:

Anil Sawhney, Ph.D. 

A Infrastructure Sector Director with RICS

Visit the Kent State CAED Lecture Series page for lecture dates and times. 

Selected Books

Selected Articles

Selected Recent & Highly Cited Publications Availability
Bendi, Deepthi, Muhammad Qasim Rana, Mohammed Arif, Steve Michael Lamb, Anil Sawhney, and Amit Kant Kaushik. “Assessing Off-Site Readiness in Construction Organisations: Cases from India.” Construction Innovation 22, no. 2 (January 1, 2021): 320–41. Online
Deepthi Bendi, Muhammad Qasim Rana, Mohammed Arif, Jack Steven Goulding, and Anil Sawhney. “An Off-Site Construction Readiness Maturity Model for the Indian Construction Sector.” Construction Innovation 21, no. 1 (October 6, 2020): 123–42. doi:10.1108/CI-07-2020-0121. Online
Anil Sawhney, Mike Riley, Javier Irizarry, and Cristina Toca Pérez. “A Proposed Framework for Construction 4.0 Based on a Review of Literature,” September 26, 2020. doi:10.29007/4nk3. Online
Mittal, Yash Kumar, Virendra Kumar Paul, Ali Rostami, Michael Riley, and Anil Sawhney. “Delay Factors in Construction of Healthcare Infrastructure Projects: A Comparison amongst Developing Countries.” Asian Journal of Civil Engineering: Building and Housing 21, no. 4 (June 1, 2020): 649–61. doi:10.1007/s42107-020-00227-1. Online
Ahuja, Ritu, Anil Sawhney, Megha Jain, Mohammed Arif, and Samya Rakshit. 2020. “Factors Influencing BIM Adoption in Emerging Markets — the Case of India.” International Journal of Construction Management, January. Online
Ritu Ahuja, Anil Sawhney, and Mohammed Arif. “Developing Organizational Capabilities to Deliver Lean and Green Project Outcomes Using BIM.” Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management 25, no. 10 (October 3, 2018): 1255–76. doi:10.1108/ECAM-08-2017-0175. Online
Ahuja, Ritu, Anil Sawhney, and Mohammed Arif. “Driving Lean and Green Project Outcomes Using BIM: A Qualitative Comparative Analysis.” International Journal of Sustainable Built Environment 6, no. 1 (June 1, 2017): 69–80. doi:10.1016/j.ijsbe.2016.10.006. Online
Manav Mahan Singh, Anil Sawhney, and Vaishnavi Sharma. “Utilising Building Component Data from BIM for Formwork Planning.” Construction Economics and Building 17, no. 4 (December 1, 2017). doi:10.5130/AJCEB.v17i4.5546. Online
Sharma, Shrutiniwas, Anil Sawhney, and Mohammed Arif. “Parametric Modelling for Designing Offsite Construction.” Procedia Engineering 196 (January 1, 2017): 1114–21. doi:10.1016/j.proeng.2017.08.069. Online
Doloi, Hemanta, Anil Sawhney, K.C. Iyer, and Sameer Rentala. “Analysing Factors Affecting Delays in Indian Construction Projects.” International Journal of Project Management 30, no. 4 (May 1, 2012): 479–89. doi:10.1016/j.ijproman.2011.10.004. Online
Doloi, Hemanta, K.C. Iyer, and Anil Sawhney. “Structural Equation Model for Assessing Impacts of Contractor’s Performance on Project Success.” International Journal of Project Management 29, no. 6 (January 1, 2011): 687–95. doi:10.1016/j.ijproman.2010.05.007. Online

Additional Resources

This guide was created with resources available through Kent State University Libraries or freely online.  Visit Dr. Sawhney's Google Scholar page for additional information.  These resources were compiled by the Joseph F Morbito Architectural Library in August 2022.