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CAED Lecture Series - Resource Lists

This guide features selected resources on featured lecturers appearing at the Kent State College of Architecture and Environmental Design.

Selected Resources for:

Thom Mayne

Founder of Morphosis, Co-Founder of the Southern California Institute of Architecture.

Visit the Kent State CAED Lecture Series page for lecture dates and times.

Selected Books

Selected Articles

Selected Articles Availability
Ago, Viola, and Thom Mayne. 2022. “’Strange Networks’ : Inhabiting the Boundary Condition : A Conversation with Thom Mayne.” Architectural Design 92 (2): 68–77.
Full Text
Amelar, Sarah. 2022. “Hide and Seek : Thom Mayne and His Wife, Blythe Alison-Mayne, Have Tucked Their House within a Well-Planted Slice of L.A.” Architectural Record, Building type study 1,040. Record houses, 210 (4): 58–65.
Full Text
Derycke, Denis. "Virtual Systems–Actual Objects: Rendition of Morphosis' Compositional Principles in the mid 1980s." In Virtual+ Actual: Process and Product of Design. Cornell University, 2018.
Full Text
Alonso, Hernán Díaz, and Thom Mayne. “Generation(s) and The Generative.” Log, no. 17 (2009): 127–35.
Full Text - JSTOR
Mayne, Thom. “The New Federal Building.” 2008. Design Management Review 19 (4): 56–64. 
Full Text
“GA DOCUMENT: MORPHOSIS ARCHITECTS, GRUEN & ASSOCIATES, Comprehensive Cancer Center Beverly Hills, California.” 1988. GA Document, no. 22 (December): 64–69.
Print Only - Arch Library
“GA DOCUMENT: MORPHOSIS ARCHITECTS, Hennessey+ Ingalls Bookstore Facade, Santa Monica, California.” 1988. GA Document, no. 22 (December): 56–57. 
Print Only - Arch Library
"The Pritzker Architecture Prize: Thom Mayne 2005 Laureate Biography." The Hyatt Foundation, 2005.


Additional Resources

This guide was created with resources available through Kent State University Libraries or freely online.  Visit the Morphosis website for additional information.  These resources were compiled by Samantha Hurst for the Joseph F Morbito Architectural Library in August 2022.