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CAED Lecture Series - Resource Lists

This guide features selected resources on featured lecturers appearing at the Kent State College of Architecture and Environmental Design.



NOTE: Some online files from the US Modernist Library may take a few minutes to load due to their size.

Articles Availability
Volner, Ian. 2017. “Vespertine, Culver City, Calif., Eric Owen Moss Architects: At the Hottest New Restaurant in Los Angeles, Architecture and Food Are Equally Integral to the Dining Experience.” Architect (Washington, D.C.) 106 (8): 102–9. Available Online
“Eric Owen Moss: Vespertine, Culver City, California - Design 2007- , Construction -2016.” 2017. GA Document, no. 143 (August): 48–60. Arch Library - Print Only
“Eric Owen Moss : Pterodactyl, Culver City, California, U.S.A -- Design 1998-2013, Construction 2013-14.” 2015. GA Document, no. 133 (July): 94–111. Arch Library - Print Only
Betsky, Aaron, and Eric Owen Moss. 2015. “Pterodactyl, Culver City, Calif.: Eric Owen Moss Architects.” Architect (Washington, D.C.) 104 (5): 222–33. Available Online
Hawthorne, Christopher. 2014. “Eric Owen Moss: His 27-Year-Long Collaboration with Frederick and Laurie Samitaur Smith Has Transformed a Once-Derelict Area into a Thriving Urban Community.” Metropolis 33 (6): 70–80. PDF Full Text
Díaz Alonso, Hernán, Marcelo Spina, and Eric Owen Moss. 2013. “‘There Is Always a Historical Moment When Techniques and Methodology Influence Culture.’” Architectural Review 233 (1395): 52–61. PDF Full Text
Webb, Michael. 2011. “La Città Degli ‘Angoli’: Eric Owen Moss Rivitalizza Una Zona Industriale Degradata = A City of ‘Angles’: Eric Owen Moss Revitalizes a Blighted Industrial Zone - Los Angeles, USA.” The Plan: Architecture & Technology in Detail, no. 50 (May): 36–46. Arch Library - Print Only
“Eric Owen Moss: Samitaur Tower, Culver City, California, U.S.A.” 2011. GA Document, no. 116 (January): 116–23. Arch Library - Print Only
Manaugh, Geoff. 2011. “225.” Architectural Review 229 (1371): 066–071. PDF Full Text
Gerfen, Kate and Mike Morgan. 2008. “A Surface of Points.” Architect 97 (11): 48–51. Available Online
Mays, Vernon. 2007. “3555 Hayden.” Architect 96 (14) (December): 70–79. Available Online
“Eric Owen Moss: Conjunctive Points Gateway, 3505 Hayden Avenue, Culver City, California, U.S.A.” 2003. GA Document, no. 73 (April): 78–83. Arch Library - Print Only
Costanzo, Michele, and Emilia Giorgi. 2002. “Eric Owen Moss: The Beehive, Culver City.” Architettura 48 (566): 834–41. PDF Full Text
“Eric Owen Moss: Mariinsky and New Holland Cultural Center, St. Petersburg, Russia.” 2002. GA Document, no. 70 (July). Arch Library - Print Only
“Eric Owen Moss: Sagaponac House #22, Sagaponac, New York, U.S.A.” 2002. GA Houses, no. 70 (January): 80–84. Arch Library - Print Only
Ranocchi, Francesco. 2002. “Rinnovamento = Making It New: Eric Owen Moss.” Architettura 48 (566): 830–33. PDF Full Text
“Eric Owen Moss: Parking Garage & Offices, Culver City, California, U.S.A.” 2001. GA Document, no. 65 (May): 74–79. Arch Library - Print Only
“Eric Owen Moss: Stealth, Building One and Two, Umbrella, Hayden Avenue, Culver City, California, U.S.A.” 2001. GA Document, no. 64 (January): 104–15. Arch Library - Print Only
Molinari, Luca. 2001. “Eric Owen Moss and Culver City.” Lotus International, no. 109 (April): 80–84. Arch Library - Print Only
Moss, Eric Owen. 2001. “A. R. City.” Lotus International 109 (April): 85–89. Arch Library - Print Only
Betsky, Aaron, and Sara Hart. 2000. “The Glass Fantastic: Architect-Alchemist Eric Owen Moss Makes Marvels out of the Mundane in His Latest Culver City Project.” Architecture 89 (3): 104–15. Available Online
“Eric Owen Moss: Pittard Sullivan, Culver City, California.” 1997. GA Document, no. 52 (August): 8–19. Arch Library - Print Only
Betsky, Aaron. 1997. “Urban Construct.” Architecture 86 (July): 80–89. Available Online
Stephens, Suzanne. 1997. “Criticism: Eric Moss’s Samitaur Building, His Latest Project in the Culver City Section of Los..” Architectural Record 185 (2): p52-64. Available Online
“Eric Owen Moss: Vienna Housing, Vienna, Austria.” 1996. GA Houses, no. 48 (March): 158–62. Arch Library - Print Only
“Eric Owen Moss: Samitaur, Los Angeles, U.S.A.” 1996. GA Document, November, 78–87. Arch Library - Print Only
Rocca, Alessandro. 1996. “Irvine, Piano e Architettura Del Campus = Irvine, Plan and Architecture of the Campus.” Lotus International, no. 89 (January): 7–49. Arch Library - Print Only
Dixon, John Morris. 1995. “Superstructure.” Progressive Architecture 76 (7): 60–69. Available Online
Betsky, Aaron. 1994. “Urbane Renewal [Los Angeles].” Architectural Record 182 (7): 62–69. Available Online
“Eric Owen Moss: Lawson/Westen House, Los Angeles, California.” 1993. GA Houses, no. 38 (July): 78–97. Arch Library - Print Only
Lawson, Linda, Tracy Western, Michael J Crosbie, Eric Owen Moss, and Ziva Freiman. 1993. “Into the Uncharted [Lawson - Westen House, Los Angeles].” Progressive Architecture 74 (5): 68–77. Available Online
“Mixed Media: Reclamation of the Building at 8522 National Boulevard, L.A.” 1992. Lotus International, no. 73 (January): 98–107. Arch Library - Print Only
Moss, Eric Owen. 1992.  “Mixed Media Reclamation of the Building at 8522 National Boulevard, LA.” Lotus International 73 (July): 98–110. Arch Library - Print Only
Freiman, Ziva. 1991. “Rites of Passage.” Progressive Architecture 72 (5): 98–104. Available Online
Stein, K.D. 1991. “Up against the Wall.” Architectural Record 179 (3): 106. Available Online
“House T & L, West Los Angeles, California, Design: 1989; Completion:1990 (Est.).” GA Houses, no. 28 (March 1, 1990): 54–57. Arch Library - Print Only
Murphy, Jim. 1989. “A Different Drummer.” Progressive Architecture, November, 74–83. Available Online
Gandee, Charles K. 1985. “Gathering Moss: Four Projects by Eric Owen Moss, Architect.” Architectural Record 173 (8): 132-145. Available Online
“708 House, Los Angeles, California, 1980; Architect: Eric Owen Moss, Assisted by Nick Seirup.” 1981. GA Houses, no. 9 (January): 96–101. Arch Library - Print Only
Morton, David. 1979. “Look Again: Morgenstern Warehouse, Los Angeles, 1979; Architects: Eric Owen Moss, James Stafford, George Elian.” Progressive Architecture 60 (6): 66–69. Available Online

Additional Resources

This guide was created with resources available online or through Kent State University Libraries.  Much has been written on the work of Eric Owen Moss and the included resources were selected for their depth and availability.  

Several other articles can be found through this search and library resources such as Discovery @ Kent State.

Visit the Eric Owen Moss publications page for additional readings.

These resources were compiled by the Joseph F Morbito Architectural Library in January 2021.