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Academic Integrity & Plagiarism: Welcome

Information about academic integrity at KSU, including plagiarism school.

Purpose of this guide

Hi, welcome to the Academic Integrity & Plagiarism Libguide. This guide is designed to provide information on academic integrity and plagiarism. Each page contains information on specific areas of academic integrity and plagiarism.       

Academic Honesty: This page contains information on what academic honesty is and why it is important.

Plagiarism @ KSU: This page contains information on the student cheating and plagiarism policy at KSU.

Plagiarism School Info: This page provides information for instructors and students who are interested in learning more about plagiarism school. 

Turnitin: Plagiarism Checker: Students can submit their drafts to University Libraries and we will run them thru Turnitin, a program that checks the paper for possible plagiarism.

Resources: This page provides information for further reading and help.

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