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Academic Integrity & Plagiarism: Plagiarism & Cheating @ KSU

Policy on Student Cheating & Plagiarism

In the Fall Semester of 2012 Kent State University implemented a new policy on student cheating and plagiarism. Below is general information on the policy in regards to plagiarism. Complete details of the policy can be accessed here: 3-01.8 Administrative Policy on Student Cheating and Plagiarism.


According to the university policy "Plagiarize" means to take and present as one's own a material portion of the ideas or words of another or to present as one's own an idea or work derived from an existing source without full and proper credit to the source of the ideas, words, or works. As defined, plagiarizing includes, but is not limited to:

  • The copying of words, sentences and paragraphs directly from the work of another without proper credit;
  • The copying of illustrations, figures, photographs, drawings, models, or other visual and nonverbal materials, including recordings, of another without proper credit; and
  • The presentation of work prepared by another in final or draft form as one's own without citing the source, such as the use of purchased research papers.

Plagiarism School:

As a means to address less severe cases of student plagiarism (acts that may be considered by the instructor to be unintentional), the instructor may request that the student attend a remedial, private session administered by University Libraries regarding acceptable ways to document research.

  • Plagiarism school will only be offered to students not previously sanctioned for plagiarism.
  • Plagiarism school will only be offered if the instructor, student, and representative from University Libraries (the plagiarism school instructor) agree. The instructor will indicate how the sanction will be modified in favor of the student if the student completes plagiarism school.
  • A student’s successful completion of plagiarism school does not in any way change the process of reporting acts of cheating and plagiarism according to this policy.
  • Upon successful completion of plagiarism school, University Libraries will notify the instructor so that he/she can mitigate the sanction as indicated in the form.

More detailed information on Plagiarism School is located on the tabs, Plagiarism School Info. Plagiarism School is not intended for students who are accused of cheating.

Special Information for Students

The information contained in this box is to help students if they are accused of plagiarism.

Do not ignore the issue.

Dropping the class will NOT make it go away.

If there is an Academic Hearing Panel, you MUST attend.

On the day of your plagiarism school appointment make sure to show up on time. Any student who is more than 15 minutes for their appointment will have it canceled; it is then at the librarian's discretion whether to re-schedule the session.

If you miss the Academic Hearing Panel or the Plagiarism School Session, you may not be able to schedule classes.