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Academic Integrity & Plagiarism: Sites/Softwares


 Sites and Softwares 

 Some of these may be okay to use, while others could be considered cheating. 

ChatGPT: a language processing tool commonly used to produce text (ex: an essay) 

Chegg: a website with homework help, online textbooks, and online tutoring 

Course Hero: a paid website used to gain access to old tests, homework problems, and textbook answers

Grammarly: a typing assistant used to help correct spelling and grammar errors

GroupMe: a group messaging app

Quillbot: a text editing tool used to paraphrase and summarize writing 


These resources listed range from grammar assistance, group work communication, and answer websites. Getting answers from a website and using them on your own assignment is considered cheating. Also, having a software/website write an essay or assignment for you is also considered cheating. You should always check with your professor if using software like Grammarly is okay.  GroupMe can be used to collaborate with other students or create groups for specific classes if answers to tests and assignments are not shared. 

When considering using any of these websites, please be aware that using these could be considered cheating or plagiarism and would result in an academic penalty. 

A source you can use to check for plagiarism is Turnitin draft coach. This is a Google extension and allows you to upload your essays to check for plagiarism before turning them in for a grade.