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CAED Lecture Series - Resource Lists

This guide features selected resources on featured lecturers appearing at the Kent State College of Architecture and Environmental Design.

Selected Resources for:

Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara

Directors, Grafton Architects, Dublin

“Recent Work”

For lecture dates and times visit the Kent State CAED Lecture Series page.


Title Location Record or Article Permalink
“Grafton Architects: Università Bocconi, Milano, 2002-08.” 2009. Lotus International, no. 138 (June): 91–102. Arch Library - Print only
“Tellurico e Celeste: Un Dialogo Tra Suolo Urbano e Cielo Nell’ampliamento Dell’Università Bocconi a Milano Di Grafton Architects = Earlthly and Heavenly: A Dialogue between Urban Ground and Sky in Grafton Architects’ Extension of the Bocconi University in Milan.” 2006. Lotus International, no. 127 (January). Arch Library - Print only
Abrahams, Tim. 2020. “French Toast.” Architectural Record, no. 5 (May): 60–67. Full Text
Cooper Llosa, Frederick. 2016. “Klippe Wird Raum : Neues Hauptgebäude Der UTEC-Universität in Lima von Grafton Architects.” Werk, Bauen + Wohnen, no. 10 (January): 8–15. Full Text
Cullinan, Michael. "The Urban Institute, Ucd Grafton Architects." 2002. Building Material, no. 9 (Summer): 64-67. Full Text
Ducatez, Vincent. "Grafton Architects Lecture: A Review." 2003. Building Material, no. 10: 68-71. Full Text
Farrell, Yvonne, and Shelley McNamara. 2018. “Gli Oggetti Sono Il Nostro Mondo?: Yvonne Farrell e Shelley McNamara Rispondono All’invito Del Direttore a Riflettere Sulla Posizione Teorica Espressa in Questi Mesi Su Domus = Objects Are Our World?: Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara Respond to the Editor’s Invitation to Reflect on His Theoretical Position Expressed in Domus in Recent Months.” Domus, November, 82–84. Arch Library - Print only
Farrell, Yvonne. "A Response to 'architects Disable'." 2003. Building Material, no. 10 (Summer): 16-20. Full Text
Llosa, Frederick Cooper. 2015. “Concrete Cliff.” Architectural Review 237 (1420): 54–67. Full Text
McNamara, Shelley. "Time and Dimension." 2000. Building Material, no. 4 (Autumn). Full Text
Medina, Samuel, Shelley McNamara, and Yvonne Farrell. 2018. “Architecture, All Antennae: 2018 Venice Biennale [Interview with Freespace Exhibition Directors Shelley McNamara and Yvonne Farrell, of Grafton Architects].” Metropolis 37 (9): 128–31. Full Text
Mollard, Manon. 2019. “Retrospective Grafton Architects.” Architectural Review, no. 1462 (June): 44–52. Full Text
Sitz, Miriam. 2020. “Founders of Grafton Architects Win 2020 Pritzker Prize.” Architectural Record 208 (4): 23–24. Full Text
Slessor, Catherine. 2009. “Ground and Sky.” Architectural Review 225 (1345): 36–42. Full Text
Staufer, Astrid. 2008. “Die Wiederbelebung Der Permanenz.” Werk, Bauen + Wohnen, no. 12 (December): 6–13. Full Text
Tagliabue, Benedetta. 2015. “Barcelona Reset: Circuit of Ephemeral Architecture.” Architectural Design 85 (3): 64–71. doi:10.1002/ad.1902. Full Text

Additional Resources

Additional information can be found through other library resources such as Discovery @ Kent State or from this search.

These resources were compiled by the Joseph F Morbito Architectural Library in October 2020.