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CAED Lecture Series - Resource Lists

This guide features selected resources on featured lecturers appearing at the Kent State College of Architecture and Environmental Design.


Selected Resources for:

Beatriz Colomina, Ph.D.

Howard Crosby Butler Professor of the History of Architecture | Director, Program in Media and Modernity at Princeton University

For lecture dates and times visit the Kent State CAED Lecture Series page.

Selected Books

Selected Articles

Selected Articles & Publications Availability
Wilkinson, Tom. 2020. “Ada Louise Huxtable Prize - Beatriz Colomina : The Internationally Acclaimed Feminist Writer Shines a Spotlight on Sexual Prejudice and Representation in Architecture.” Architectural Review, no. 1469 (March): 108–11. Full Text
Colomina, Beatriz, and Mark Wigley. “The Bacterial Clients of Modern Architecture.” Docomomo Journal, no. 62 (January 2020): 6–17. Full Text
Colomina, Beatriz. “Pyjama Party.” Architectural Review, no. 1459 (March 2019): 18–23. Full Text
Colomina, Beatriz. “Intimacy and Spectacle: The Interiors of Adolf Loos.” AA Files, no. 76 (June 2018): 5–15.  Print Only - Arch Library
Colomina, Beatriz, Shayari de Silva, Dante Furioso, and Samantha Jaff. “Interview with Beatriz Colomina 10.14.2017 Public Hotel, NYC.” Perspecta 51 (June 2018): 270–80. Print Only - Arch Library
Colomina, Beatriz. “Outrage.” Architectural Review 243, no. 1449 (March 1, 2018): 46–50.  Full Text
Colomina, Beatriz. “EDUCATION.” Architectural Review 240, no. 1437 (December 2016): 121–29. Full Text
Colomina, Beatriz, Mark Wigley, and Samuel Medina. “Tangled up in Design.” Metropolis 36, no. 1 (July 1, 2016): 116–23. Full Text
Colomina, Beatriz. “X-Ray Architecture: The Tuberculosis Effect.” Harvard Design Magazine, no. 40 (Spring/Summer 2015): 70–91.  Print Only - Main Library
Colomina, Beatriz, Nicole Kalms, and Ari Seligmann. “Paper Architecture [Interview with Beatriz Colomina].” Architecture Australia 102, no. 1 (January 1, 2013): 62–64. Full Text
Colomina, Beatriz. “The Endless Museum: Le Corbusier and Mies van Der Rohe.” Log, no. 15 (January 1, 2009): 55–68. Full Text - JSTOR
Colomina, Beatriz. “X-Ray Architecture: Illness as Metaphor.” Positions (1876-6390), no. 0 (October 15, 2008): 30–35. Full Text
Colomina, Beatriz. “Unbreathed Air 1956.” Grey Room 15 (Spring 2004): 28–59. doi:10.1162/1526381041165458. Full Text
Colomina, Beatriz. “Enclosed by Images: The Eameses’ Multimedia Architecture.” Grey Room 2 (Winter 2001): 6–29. doi:10.1162/152638101750172975. Full Text
Colomina, Beatriz. “Collaborations.” Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians 58, no. 3 (September 1999): 462–71. doi:10.2307/991540. Full Text - JSTOR
Colomina, Beatriz, and Blanca Lleó. “‘A Machine Was Its Heart’: House in Floirac [France].” Assemblage, no. 37 (December 1, 1998): 36-45. Full Text
Colomina, Beatriz. “DDU at MoMA.” Any, no. 17 (January 1, 1997): 48-53.  Full Text - JSTOR
Colomina, Beatriz, and Greg Lynn. “At Home with His Parents.” Assemblage, no. 30 (August 1, 1996): 108–11. Full Text - JSTOR
Colomina, Beatriz. “The Media House.” Assemblage, no. 27 (August 1, 1995): 55–66. Full Text - JSTOR
Colomina, Beatriz. “Domesticity at War.” Assemblage, no. 16 (December 1, 1991): 14-41. Full Text - JSTOR
Colomina, Beatriz. “Le Corbusier and Photography.” Assemblage, no. 4 (October 1, 1987): 6-23. Full Text - JSTOR

Additional Resources

This guide was created with resources available through Kent State University Libraries or freely online. They were compiled by the Joseph F Morbito Architectural Library in February 2022.