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CAED Lecture Series - Resource Lists

This guide features selected resources on featured lecturers appearing at the Kent State College of Architecture and Environmental Design.

Selected Resources for:

Marlon Blackwell

Marlon Blackwell Architects founder | Distinguished Professor, E. Fay Jones Chair at the University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design

For lecture dates and times visit the Kent State CAED Lecture Series page.


Books containing writings or projects by Marlon Blackwell.


Marlon Blackwell Articles Availability
Broome, Beth. 2020. “Knock Wood: Marlon Blackwell Architects’ Bentonville, Arkansas Restaurant Uses a Plain-Spoken Design Language to Put a New Spin on the Ramen Bar.” Architectural Record, Building type study 1018. Record interiors, 208 (6): 74–77. PDF Full Text
Pagliari, Francesco. 2020. “Fare e Comprendere: Uno Stimolante Modello Educativo - Laboratorio d’innovazione Della Lamplighter School, Dallas, Texas, USA: Marlon Blackwell Architects.” The Plan, no. 127 (December): 82–90. Arch Library - Print Only
Welton, J. Michael. 2020. “Mountain Majesty: A Renowned Arkansas Firm Designs the Ideal Cabin for Drinking in a Stunning Ozarks View. [Tanglewood Cabin, Rogers, Arkansas: Marlon Blackwell Architects].” Dwell /Oc (September): 46. Arch Library - Print Only
Friebele, Michael. 2020. “Periodic Evolution : The New Innovation Lab at the Lamplighter School in Dallas Respectfully Evolves the Campus’ Cherished Architectural Legacy.” Texas Architect /Dec. (November): 80–83. Arch Library - Print Only
Sitz, Miriam. 2020. “Arkansas Lawsuit Seeks Protection of Intellectual Property.” Architectural Record 208 (2): 21. PDF Full Text
“Shelby Farms Park, Memphis, Tenn., James Corner Field Operations with Marlon Blackwell Architects: A Large-Scale Park Brings Programmed Public Space to Memphis While Connecting Residents to Nature.” 2019. Architect (Washington, D.C.) 108 (5): 264–67. Available Online
Stephens, Suzanne. 2019. “Rooted in the Region: A Progressive Elementary School Expresses Its Ethos through Architecture.” Architectural Record 207 (1): 66–71. Arch Library - Print Only
Klimoski, Alex. 2019. “Innovation Conference Examines the Changing Profession.” Architectural Record 207 (12): 22. Architecture Library - Print Only
Broome, Beth. 2018. “Heart of the Matter.” Architectural Record 206 (8): 66–71. Arch Library - Print Only
Minutillo, Josephine. 2017. “Beacon of Health: A Suburban Structure Housing Several Doctors’ Offices Acts as a Billboard for Progressive Care.” Architectural Record, Building type study 984. Health care, 205 (7): 94–98. Arch Library - Print Only
Cockram, Michael. 2017. “The Big Idea: A Campus Expansion and Renovation Provides Rich Opportunities for the Students and Faculty of a Popular High School.” Architectural Record, Building type study 978. Schools of the 21st century, 205 (1): 70–77. Arch Library - Print Only
“Marlon Blackwell Architects.” 2016. Architect 105 (9): 146–48. Arch Library - Print Only
Sanchez, Vencill Kelly. 2015. “Divine Interventions.” Dwell, February, 56–62. Main Library - Print Only
Seward, Aaron. 2014. “Learning Light : [Marlon Blackwell Architects and Renfro Design Group Have Designed a New Home for the University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture That Illuminate in More Ways than One].” Architectural Lighting Dec. (November): 32–37. Main Library - Print Only
Hooper, Emily. 2013. “Crystal Bridges Museum.” Contract 54 (1): 110–13. PDF Full Text
Kent, Cheryl. 2011. “Ruth Lilly Visitors Pavilion Indianapolis.” Architectural Record 199 (5): 147–51. Main Library - Print Only
Raskin, Laura. 2011. “Giving Spirit Form: An Architect in Northwest Arkansas Converts a Typical Metal Shed into a Stiking Place of Worship.” Architectural Record, November, 68–71. Main Library - Print Only
Sugarman, Joe. 2011. “Richard Tyler Lost Everything in Hurricane Katrina, But Began Rebuilding His Life With the Help of a ‘Porchdog.’” Architect 100 (5): 39. PDF Full Text
Blackwell, Marlon. 2010. “An Architecture of Unholy Unions.” Dimensions (10746536) 23 (January): 133–42. PDF Full Text
“151.” 2010. Architectural Review 227 (1362): 070–071. PDF Full Text
Broome, Beth. 2009. “Marlon Blackwell Renews the Dignity of the Aging Fulbright Building.” Architectural Record 197 (6): 86–90. Main Library - Print Only
Blackwell, Marlon. 2009. “Architecture in a Landscape of Unholy Unions.” Journal of Architectural Education 63 (1): 90–95. doi:10.1111/j.1531-314X.2009.01032.x. PDF Full Text
Mays, Vernon. 2008. “On the Links.” Architect 97 (9): 68–75. Main Library - Print Only
Kolleeny, Jane F. 2008. “Gentry Library: Gentry, Arkansas.” Architectural Record 196 (10): 138–43. Main Library - Print Only
McKee, Bradford. 2006. “(Marlon Blackwell): At Work in the Ozark Outback:” ID : Magazine of International Design 53 (1): 64–65. Main Library - Print Only
“Marlon Blackwell Architect: Keenan Towerhouse.” 2003. A + U: Architecture & Urbanism, no. 397 (October): 86–91. Main Library - Print Only
Blackwell, Marlon. 2003. "A House in the Trees: The TowerHouse." Oz 25. Available Online
Dillon, David. 2001. “Marlon Blackwell’s Elegant and Poetic Style Uplifts the Arkansas Hills.” Architectural Record 189 (2): 93. Arch Library - Print Only
Mays, Vernon. 2000. “Marlon Blackwell: Honey House, Cashiers, North Carolina.” Architecture 89 (1). Main Library - Print Only

Additional Resources

This guide was created with resources available through Kent State University Libraries or freely online.  Visit the Marlon Blackwell Architects page for additional projects and information.

These resources were compiled by Bryan Kvet for the Joseph F Morbito Architectural Library in August 2021.