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Office Olympics: Office Olympics 2016

The Skeeter Games

Office Olympics 2016 - The Skeeter Games

the official logo of the 2016 Office Olympics

Calling all Office Olympians!

Announcing The 6th Office Olympiad of the Modern Era!!

2016 marks the 6th Summer Office Olympics event sponsored by University Libraries. Please join us, mark your calendars. It's time to start training!

If you have not experienced UL's Office Olympics, visit the 2012 Olympics page to see highlights from the Reign of Glory Games.

Important Dates

Opening ceremony and games: Monday July 18, 12 p.m. EST
Series of Games: Monday, July 18 through Friday, July 22 (12-1 p.m. EST)
Closing ceremony and awarding of the medals: Monday July 25, 12 p.m. EST

See the "Olympic Schedule of Events" page for specific locations and details about each game.Venues are throughout the University Library and its nearby territories on the Kent campus.

Although designed to be wild and crazy, the Games are planned so as not to disrupt users and visitors to the University Library.


Eligible athletes include:

  • All employees, retirees, and volunteers of Kent State University Libraries (at all locations and campuses)
  • Everyone who works or volunteers in the University Library Building on the Kent campus
  • Everyone who works or volunteers at the May 4 Visitors Center
  • Members of the Friends of the Library
  • Members of the UL National Advisory Council
  • Children and other special young people of eligible athletes (grandchildren, nephews, nieces, etc., etc.)


No advanced registration is required. Participation in the Games provides tacit permission for the future use of any photographs or videos.


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mockup of the small Office Olympics t-shirt designmockup of the pocket-size design for the Office Olympics logo

Office Olympics logo design

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large t-shirt design for the Office Olympics logo


Schedule of Events

Monday, July 18

Opening Ceremonies

  • Time: 12 noon EST
  • Location: 1st floor Quiet Study Area, University Library
  • Keynote Speaker:
    headshot photo of Dr. Kazadi MukunaDr. Kazadi wa Mukuna

Ethnomusicologist, a native of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Zaire), Dr. Mukuna is a Professor of Ethnomusicology and Director of the African Ensemble at the Hugh A. Glauser School of Music at Kent State University




Event: Rio Flying Saucer Diskus Throw

  • Time: Immediately following the Opening Ceremonies (weather permitting!!!)
  • Location: Manchester Field
  • Officiated by Andy Martineau

Rio Flying Saucer Diskus Throw official results...with 42 athletes competing:

  • Gold – Mike Collura (Systems) – 88’3”
  • Silver – Kay Downey (Collection Development) – 77’9”
  • Bronze – Kayla Henry (student in Special Collections & Archives) – 75’

Tuesday, July 19


Event: Periodical Ping-Pong (a 3-day tournament event: please sign up on Tuesday to participate in this event)

  • Location: May 4 Room, 1st floor of University Library
  • Officiated by Tony Snyder

This is table tennis rules with one exception: the "regulation paddle" is a bound periodical

Periodical Ping-Pong official results from Day 1

Advancing to the Semifinals:

  • Diane May vs. Winner of Dalton/Snyder (Eve Dalton leads by 2 sets to 0 over Tony Snyder)
  • Kenny Jenkins (student in the SMS) vs. Carmen Dotterer (student in the Communications Office)


Event: Guanabara Bay Diving

  • Location: Just outside the University Library building, on the sidewalk near the Quiet Study Room
  • Officiated by: Tammy and Zoe Voelker

Athletes will test both their aquatic skills and courage as they stand on a stepladder and drop paperclips in the Guanabara Bay below, trying to land their clips into the floating container. The officials have assured us that people are working around the clock to ensure that the Bay will be free of debris in time for the event

Guanabara Bay Diving official results: with 25 athletes participating, the winners are:

  • Gold -- Vi Chontos (student in Special Collections & Archives) -- 285 points
  • Silver -- Tammy Voelker (Reference & Instructional Services) -- 250 points
  • Bronze (tie) -- Carolanne Tkach (student in the SMS) and Cynthia Williams (Communications Office) -- 200 points


Event: Technical Services Trap Targets

  • Location: University Library Room 370 (near recycling bins)
  • Officiated by Amey Park, Jen Rice, and Kelly Riley

A chance to demonstrate your sharp-shootings skills with rubber band rifles. Points are earned based on difficulty of the shot and number of shots in a designated amount of time

Technical Services Trap Targets official results: 30 participants and the following medals:

  • Gold: Meghan Keefer (student in Serials) – 8 points
  • Silver: Rochelle Gray (Serials) – 6 points
  • Bronze: Anita Miller (Business Services) – 5 points

Wednesday, July 20


Event: Banana Dash

  • Location: Basement hallway
  • Officiated by Elizabeth Traina, Kate Medicus, Kayla Henry, and Tess Hamilton

Athletes will compete to see who can retrieve the most bananas from the 11th floor plantation in a 15-minute time period

The results of this wild dash for bananas are in! With seven athletes competing:

  • Gold (tie) -- Vi Chontos (student in Special Collections) and Anita Miller (Business Services) -- 7 bananas
  • Silver -- Kennan Rolsen (student in Technical Services) -- 5 1/2 bananas
  • Bronze (tie) -- Cindy Kristof (Copyright Services) and Anita Martin (Serials) -- 5 bananas


Event: Periodical Ping-Pong--Day 2

  • Location: May 4 Room, 1st floor of University Library
  • Officiated by Tony Snyder

The competition is sure to heat up in this second day of the Periodical Ping-Pong tournament

Day 2 results from Periodical Ping Pong are in!

Carmen Dotterer advanced to the Gold Medal Match.  Join us tomorrow as Eve Dalton and Diane May complete what has, so far, been the match of the tournament!  The fourth set went to 17 points!  They’ll play one set to 11 (win by two!) to determine who will join Carmen in the Gold Medal Match. The Bronze Medal match will pit Kenny Jenkins against the loser of Dalton/May.  The Gold Medal Match will follow.  Don’t miss it!


Event: Of Mice and Air Hockey

(a 3-day tournament event: please sign up by noon Wednesday to participate in this event). Go to special online signup sheet to sign up!

  • Location: University Library Room 152
  • Officiated by Eve Dalton and Tom Mahon

Players use computer mice as paddles while playing air hockey. Standard air hockey rules and scoring apply. Mice will be provided, however, athletes may bring their own mouse if preferred


Event: Amazon Archery

  • Location: "The Rio Range" (aka the University Library 2nd floor lounge area near Room 222)
  • Officiated by Diane May and Marge Hayden

Using only hands and rubber bands, brave athletes will target and topple CD-ROMs from a distance of 8 feet

Medal results are in!

There were 26 athletes competing in this event and it was not as easy as it looked!!  A playoff was held among the top three scorers who were all tied with three hits each and the final results are:

  • Gold -- Matt Merten (Communications Office) --  6 hits
  • Silver -- Marge Hayden (Interlibrary Loan) --  5 hits
  • Bronze -- Michael Kavulic (President's Office) --  2 hits

Thursday, July 21


Event: LC Call Recall

  • Location: University Library Room 1115
  • Officiated by Edie Serkownek

It's brains over brawn in this event! Working from memory only, competitors are presented with 12 books and must determine the correct Library of Congress classification letters for each

In a fiercely fun and competitive event, the following people medaled:

  • Gold: Barbara Schloman (IOOC Emeritus). She held the prize in her hand right out of the box and would not let it go, despite some strong players breathing down the stacks): 80/120
  • Silver: Tied for the Silver are Dave Elswick (Circulation) and Dianne Centa (Gifts & Serials Depts.)!  Roar of the crowd!: 75/120
  • Bronze: Laurence Skirvin (Cataloging), despite suffering a near debilitating leg injury in his sleep two nights before


Event: Skeeter Toss

  • Location: University Library basement hallway
  • Officiated by Mary Lovin, Cynthia Williams, and Matthew Merten

It's corn hole in the basement, a guaranteed mosquito-free zone

The mosquitoes had to run for their lives and the results are in:

  • Gold -- Roman Panchyshyn (Cataloging)
  • Silver -- Yu-Lin Hsu (student in Communications Office)
  • Bronze -- Karen Hillman (Library Development & Donor Relations)

Event: Periodical Ping-Pong--Day 3

  • Location: May 4 Room, 1st floor of University Library
  • Officiated by Tony Snyder

Whose periodical paddle will reign supreme???

The official results for the Ping-Pong finals are in ...

The level of competition soared at Periodical Ping Pong in this final day of the tournament!  Eve Dalton and Diane May completed a marathon final set with Eve advancing to the Gold Medal Match against Carmen Dotterer.  Diane May took the bronze over Kenny Jenkins in 3 sets.  As befitting a Gold Medal Match, Eve Dalton and Carmen Dotterer went the distance with Carmen prevailing to take the gold!  This was a match of runs with each player scoring multiple points in a row only to then relinquish their lead with brilliant play from the other.  It came down to what Dave Gaj termed “power versus patience,” as Carmen perfected the art of the smash to great effect while Eve never seemed to make an error. It was high-quality play all around!

  • Gold - Carmen Dotterer (student in the Communications Office)
  • Silver - Eve Dalton (Information Services)
  • Bronze - Diane May (Interlibrary Loan)


Event: Of Mice and Air Hockey--Day 2

  • Location: University Library room 152
  • Officiated by Eve Dalton and Tom Mahon

It's a good thing this room has doors, because day 2 of this tournament is going to be noisy

Friday, July 22


Event: Paperwad Basketball

  • Location: University Library room 334
  • Officiated by Kara Robinson

This classic Office Olympics event goes way for competitors returning to continue their medaling streaks

The officials have submitted the final results, and the math was checked and double-checked:

  • Gold -- Michael Hawkins (Reference & Instructional Services): 110 points
  • Silver -- Kofi Mann (Library Mailroom): 86 points
  • Bronze -- Feng-Ru Sheu (Reference & Instructional Services): 84 points


Event: Tiro Avião de Papel (translated title: Paper Airplane Throw)

  • Location: University Library 3rd floor hallway
  • Officiated by the Dean's Office Flight Crew: Anita Clary and Pam Lemmons

Engineering skills and good aim come together as athletes compete for the longest flight of their paper airplanes

The final standings as reported by the Dean's Office Flight Crew:

Thirty-two pilots competed in the Tiro Avião de Papel event. The hanger was full of contestants fabricating planes, giving structural engineering advice, and bragging about test flight distances and past glories. On the runway, each pilot had two chances to fly their plane. Flight distances ran the gambit, with one plane going down at 3-inches and another plane lodging into the ceiling/clouds above!

  • Gold -- Kate Medicus (Special Collections & Archives): 45' 5"
  • Silver -- Zoe Voelker (daughter in Reference & Instructional Services): 38' 9"
  • Bronze -- Jeremiah Schilens (Information Services): 36' 10"

Event: Of Mice and Air Hockey--Day 3

  • Location: University Library room 152
  • Officiated by Eve Dalton and Tom Mahon

Security personnel will be on hand as this epic battle reaches its conclusion

Peace prevailed with this event and no injuries have been reported! The results are in:

  • Gold -- Zoe Voelker (daughter in Reference & Instructional Services)
  • Silver -- Lori Boes (May 4 Visitors Center)
  • Bronze -- Tammy Voelker (Reference & Instructional Services)


Monday, July 25

Event: Closing Ceremony and Awarding of Medals

  • Time: 12 noon to 1:00 pm
  • Location: University Library Room 1018 (10th floor)
  • Master of Ceremonies: Tom Mahon (Manager, Training & Outreach, Information Services)