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SPSS Tutorials: How to Cite the Tutorials

Instructions for how to cite any of the Kent State SAS or SPSS Tutorials.

Citation Information

If you would like to cite any of the software tutorials, you may use the following information.

  • Author: Kent State University Libraries
  • Date: Use the page's "Last Modified" date (right-click anywhere on the page, then click View Page Info; use the DC.Last.Modified date)
  • Title: Use the guide name and the tutorial name; e.g., SPSS Tutorials: Pearson Correlation or SAS Tutorials: Pearson Correlation

Example APA-style citations:

Kent State University Libraries. (2017, May 15). SPSS tutorials: Independent samples t test. Retrieved May 17, 2017, from

Kent State University Libraries. (2017, May 22). SAS tutorials: Subsetting and splitting datasets. Retrieved May 23, 2017, from