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Translation Studies Resources

A guide to resources for translation studies.


Welcome to our guide to translation studies resources.  On this page you will find resources which address the art of translation in a general sense. 

Translation materials for specific languages can be found on the other pages of this guide and can be accessed using the navigation taskbar located on the left of this page.

Scholarship of Translation Studies

Use these databases to locate scholarship of Translation Studies including books, articles, conference papers and more.

Databases of Translations

Use these tools to discover existing translations of a work.

Multilingual Dictionary Resources

Listed below you will find several multilingual dictionaries.  However, these are only a select few of the dictionaries that you have access to through the Kent State University Library and online.  You are encouraged to search KentLINK yourself to locate more dictionary resources, books and ebooks if none of those listed below meet your needs.

Translation Collection - 8th floor University Library

Print Bilingual and Multilingual Subject Dictionaries: Main Library – 8th Floor Translation Collection

 There are bilingual and multilingual subject specific dictionaries on the 8th floor of the main library for your reference use. They are organized by language and the collection grows each year.   Items in this collection do not circulate.

There are other editions of bilingual dictionaries available in the circulating collection. Go to KentLINK online catalog to search for other titles.

8th floor Translation Collection

Translation Handbooks and Encyclopedias

Finding Parallel Texts

Locating parallel texts during your translation studies can sometimes be difficult.  However, a good way to begin your search is by exploring the different library databases that are available through the Kent State University Library's website.

To locate parallel texts in scientific translation consider looking at the Biological Sciences Resource Guide, the Physics databases, or browse through any of the other scientific-related databases available.

The resources BELOW can be utilized for locating literary and cultural parallel texts, but they are only a few of the databases that are available.  Feel free to explore the rest!