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Online Reference Shelf: Research Tools

The REFERENCE Plus LibGuide provides access to many fulltext online resources including subject specific dictionaries, encyclopedias, research databases, and e-books.

Meet with a Librarian (formerly PERCs)

Meet with a Librarian - Primarily for Undergraduate students

Meet with a Librarian sessions are 60 minute, one-on-one consultations with a librarian. The sessions offer help identifying and locating needed information resources for papers and projects, including searching databases and retrieving and evaluating information.


RefWorks is a Web-based service that enables a user to create a personal database of selected references either by importing from an online research database or by inputting manually. This database is then searchable, enabling a user to select needed references for a paper and easily generate a bibliography in a given bibliographic style.

Reference-by-Appointment (RBAs)

RBAs - Primarily for Graduate and Doctoral students

Librarians offer assistance for in-depth research needs. Contact the subject specialist to schedule an appointment. Many librarians have regular office hours during the fall and spring semesters; other meeting times are also available.

Academic Honesty and Plagiarism

Subject Guide

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