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SAS Tutorials: How to Cite the Tutorials

Citation Information

If you would like to cite any of the software tutorials, you may use the following information.

  • Author: Kent State University Libraries
  • Date: Use the page's "Last Modified" date (right-click anywhere on the page, then click View Page Info; use the DC.Last.Modified date)
  • Title: Use the guide name and the tutorial name; e.g., SPSS Tutorials: Pearson Correlation or SAS Tutorials: Pearson Correlation

Example APA-style citations:

Kent State University Libraries. (2017, May 15). SPSS tutorials: Independent samples t test. Retrieved May 17, 2017, from

Kent State University Libraries. (2017, May 22). SAS tutorials: Subsetting and splitting datasets. Retrieved May 23, 2017, from