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Library Research Management (LRM): General

These tools are used to manage the steps, activities and information that faculty and students use for working on and also completing "library research projects".

A Guide to Managing Library Research

The current goal of this guide is to provide information about resources, software, and strategies that can be considered by students and faculty as part of strategies for managing library research projects.

When you make a choice from the pull down menus at left, you will open a page with information for a specific resource. You may close that window to return to this page.

Other important general points:                                                            

Brief Rationale for LRM Project and Guide

All faculty and graduate students at Kent State University engage in research, and all research depends to some extent on published literature.

Considerable effort can be required to identify and use published literature on topics. To discover and access that literature, users continue to rely on library/information discovery tools, and they increasingly also use other information discovery tools. There is not only a range of electronic tools available to manage these library/information discovery activities, such tools continue to emerge and evolve.

The University Libraries monitors and seeks to support the adoption and effective use of such tools, particularly as these tools help faculty and students manage (and thus optimize the outcomes) of library research projects.