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Library Research Management (LRM): Compare

Comparisons of resources - links below provide a variety of views

To gather information that you can use to think about and make choices on tools to use for your library research projects, the links below offer different kinds of comparisons.  The information does keep changing as programs evolve.  Clicking a link should open a browser in a new window (or tab); you may close that window to return to this listing.

Underneath the Wikipedia comparison below, the links provide connections to a good selection of guides that are showing or discussing comparisons of "citatation management" or "reference management tools".  The Wikipedia list includes more than just citation management, etc.

Systematic literature reviews have been widely adopted to complete rigorous reviews and syntheses of topics across many disciplines.  This is a link to a site that comments on key software tools for managing systematic reviews. 

Wikipedia comparison - this is a long list of related software tools.  It includes one approach to comparing functions.

Academic sources - comparisons based on experience/viewpoints of academic professionals at colleges and universities





University of North Carolina

Penn State

University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Georgia Tech




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