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Paul Fehrmann


Librarian: Anthropology, Jewish Studies, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, and Religion

Research: 1. Literature review methods 2. Library research management: software & strategies

Literature Reviews This Guide

Practical information for completing literature reviews. This guide covers planning the review, lists of sample steps to take at different points in the review process, and includes links to books, articles, and websites for learning more.

What's in this Guide

This guide explains and shows a range of resources and steps for developing, managing, and completing literature reviews. Different kinds of literature reviews are completed for a variety of projects including class papers, articles, grants, theses, and dissertations.

Although this guide primarily is designed to accompany literature review workshops offered by the University Libraries, we hope that it will be useful for anyone working on a literature review project!

Sections of this guide are shown at the left and these have the content briefly listed below.

Getting Started: About literature reviews and how to get the process started.

Literature Searching: Strategies for finding literature for your review.

Managing the Review: About documenting your search and keeping track of what you find.

Writing Your Review: Tips for writing the review.

More Books, Articles, Web Sites: Sources for finding out more!

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