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Architecture Library Resources (Architecture, Interior Design, & Urban Design): Quick Guide


Designers have complex information needs that encompass program, history, site conditions, construction methods, materiality, standards, and other topics. In addition to technical or factual resources, designers also seek information to spark their creativity or expand their perceptions of the built environment. 

The Joseph F Morbito Architectural Library contains resources to support both research and inspiration seeking. This guide provides a general resources related to architecture, interior design, and urban design including books, journals, databases, websites, and streaming media. Other specialized topics are available through additional library guides

Watch this virtual tour to learn more about the Joseph F Morbito Architectural Library collection and spaces.

Quick Access

Finding Books with library catalogs

For additional information visit the Finding Books page.

Finding Journal Articles with Databases

For additional information visit the Exploring Journal Articles & Databases page.


Core Journals

For additional information visit the Understanding Journals page.

Need Help?

Consult your subject librarian for additional search suggestions or view these library tutorials