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Architecture Library Resources (Architecture, Interior Design, & Urban Design): Understanding Journals

Architecture, Interior Design, & Related Journals


Designers often share their ideas and projects through journals and magazines.  These publications may contain case studies, drawings, interviews, research, commentary, criticism, and history.  Journals generally fall into one of the following categories:

1) Popular Magazines – These publications are aimed at a wide, general audience and include titles such as Dwell.

2) Trade / Professional Journals – These publications are aimed at professional designers and include titles such as Architectural Record and Interior Design.

3) Peer Reviewed Journals – These scholarly publications are aimed at academic audiences and have undergone the peer-review process.  Some titles include JSAH: Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians and Design Journal.

Tools for Locating Journals & Articles     

1) Journal Finder determines if Kent States has access to a particular journal title either in print or online. Search by the journal's title to explore the results. KentLINK and OhioLINK are other resources for locating journals by their titles.

2) Databases locate individual articles within a set of journals.  Start with databases when searching for a topic or specific article.

Selected Journals

Current print journals are located at the Joseph F. Morbito Architecture Library with additional back issues housed in various locations. Check KentLINK & OhioLINK for holdings and to request specific volumes.  The online full text of many journals can also be found through databases.  While this list attempts to be extensive, it is not comprehensive.  Use the Journal Finder and KentLINK to search for specific titles.

High-quality journals and university publications can be found in various repositories across the internet. Some articles are published under Open Access or Creative Commons licenses that allow for the research to be freely distributed. When encountering online publications, it is essential to evaluate the source, authority, and content before incorporating it into a project. For additional Open Access titles, visit the DOAJ site.