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Morbito Architectural Library Virtual Tour - First Year Experience

Architecture Librarian

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Nicholas Fagan
Joseph F. Morbito Architecture Library

John Elliot Center for Architecture & Environmental Design

132 S. Lincoln St.
Kent, Ohio 44242


 The Joseph F. Morbito Architectural Library (CAED room 110E) is a playground for exploring and discovering new ideas. Learning how to navigate and utilize the library is a foundational skill that prepares students for academic success and, potentially, to create more meaningful designs.

 To complete the FYE assignment, watch the 4 required videos below and return to Canvas to take a short quiz based on what you learned

This guide also contains OPTIONAL resources that are NOT necessary to successfully complete the assignment.

Virtual Tour Video 1 - Collections + Spaces (REQUIRED)

Required Video #1

Virtual Tour Video 2 - Online Tools + Resources (REQUIRED)

Required Video #2

Resource Links (OPTIONAL)

Virtual Tour Video 3 - Navigating Print Collections (REQUIRED)

Required Video #3

Resource Links (OPTIONAL)

Virtual Tour Video 4 - Tips for Library Success (REQUIRED)

Required Video #4

Thank you for completing the Virtual Tour

This ends the virtual tour of the Joseph F Morbito Architectural Library. 

Please return to Canvas to complete the quiz on the virtual tour.