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Library Support for College Writing and Freshman Honors Colloquium: Plagiarism Module

Plagiarism Module

Avoiding Plagiarism Module

Please note that a much more comprehensive Plagiarism Module (which includes several videos, interactive lessons, and a quiz) has been developed by the University Libraries' Plagiarism School Team and is available for uploading directly into your Blackboard Learn or Canvas course. This is now separate from the other library tutorials and quizzes. For Canvas, follow the instruction below to upload from the Canvas commons. For Blackboard you may load the package yourself using the file below or contact Tammy Voelker if you would like the library to load the Plagiarism Blackboard package into your course. 

Canvas Import Instructions

Importing the library module into your canvas course is easy, just follow these steps: 

  • From within your Canvas course click on the either the Import from Commons button on the right hand column or you can also click on the Commons button in the left blue bar.
  • The easiest way to find our modules is to select the Filter option within the Commons and select to view only items shared with "Kent State University"
  • The name of the module to select is "Avoiding Plagiarism- Kent State University." Select this module then click on the blue "Import/Download" button on the right hand side.


Blackboard Learn Import Instructions

Importing the Library Tutorials & Quizzes to your Blackboard course section only takes a few minutes.

Plagiarism Module Blackboard Learn Import Package