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Library Support for the Writing Program and Freshman Honors Colloquium: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want a different selection of Library Tutorials and Quizzes from the ones offered here? For example, what if I only want to assign a few of the tutorials?

This can be done easily. Once the content has been imported into your course. Simply modify the instructions to instruct students to complete the tutorials you desire. Next, delete the quizzes that aren't needed.  In Canvas, click on the three dots in the far right of the column of the unwanted quiz to find the remove option to delete it from your course.

What if my student tells me they already completed these tutorials in another class?

This is possible. Some DKS-FYE class sections use some of the modules or they may have done them in a previous College Writing course. There is no way to transfer their scores from one course to another therefore we suggest you ask them to complete just the quizzes again for your course. They take only a few minutes and can help reinforce the content. 

Who can I reach out to in the library if I have further questions about this program?

Please contact Tammy Voelker ( with any questions.