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Library Support for College Writing and Freshman Honors Colloquium: Tutorials & Quiz Instructions

Library Tutorials & Quizzes

University Libraries offers Library Tutorials geared toward the first year writing programs. See the tutorials here:
Six 10-question quizzes are available to accompany these tutorials.  Here is some basic information about the quizzes:
  • The quizzes live in your Canvas course sections. 
  • Instructions for placing them in your course can be found below. 
  • They are based on question banks that randomly call up ten questions for each quiz. 
  • They are meant to be low-stakes assessments that signify that students have achieved an introductory understanding of the content. 
  • Student scores will report to your grade book 
  • We recommend score of 8 or above for passing credit for each quiz.
  • Students are able to retake the quiz to improve their score

See the Program page of this guide for course recommendations.

Canvas Import Instructions

Importing the library module into your canvas course is easy, just follow these steps:

  • From within your Canvas course click on the either the Import from Commons button on the right hand column or you can also click on the Commons button in the left blue bar.
  • The easiest way to find our modules is to select the Filter option within the Commons and select to view only items Shared with "Kent State University"
  • The name of the module to select is "Kent Sate Libraries- Tutorials and Quizzes Module". Select this module then click on the blue "Import/Download" button on the right hand side.
  • You will then be given the option to select the courses you want it imported into, select all that apply, then click "Import into Course"
  • You will also find our Avoiding Plagiarism module in this same way, it is entitled "Avoiding Plagiarism- Kent State University." Each module needs to be imported separately.