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Earth Science Writing: Peer Review

How to limit for peer reviewed journal articles?

Most of the Research Database have an Academic or Scholarly Journals limit you can use when you are searching for literature. Here are the screen shots to show you where to find them.

GeoRef or Environment Complete (Ebsco)

Check the Scholarly Journal box under Limit your results and choose Academic Journal as the Publication Type.


Biosis/ or Science Citation Index

Click the arrow next to Document Type and choose Article to limit to Journal Articles, then click Refine.


Reliability Criteria

Consider these factors:

  • Website sponsor
    • Individual or organization?
    • Non-profit , educational, or commercial?
  • Authorship
    • Named authors?
    • Professional credentials?
  • Purpose
    • Is it selling anything?
  • Scholarship
    • Bibliography?
    • Links to other quality information?
  • Reviewers
    • Professional credentials?
  • Currency
    • When was it last updated?
  • Clues to Accuracy:Privacy Policy Contact Information
    • Fact or opinion?
    • Correct spelling and grammar?
    • Dramatic or sensational tone?
    • Agreement with other sources?