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Library Reference Resources: University Library Building Guide - By Floor

Building Guide by Fllor

Floor Resources Available Dept. Restrooms Other
B Classrooms 018 & 019 LIBRARY M/W SHELTER
1 Circulation Desk/Ask Me Desk LIBRARY M/W/FAM SHELTER
  Reserves Collection (Circ. Desk) (180) LIBRARY    
  May 4th Resource Room      
  Study Rooms (172, 173, 175, 176, 177) LIBRARY    
  Student Multimedia Studio (SMS) LIBRARY/ITS    
  Scanning (Scantron) Office (126) ITS    
  Public Computers (PC & Apple) LIBRARY/ITS    
  ADA Computer System LIBRARY/ITS    
  Tech Training Classroom (152) ITS    
  Tech Support ITS    
  Student Accessibility Services (Suite 100) Student Affairs    
  Scanning & Microfisch/Form/Printing LIBRARY/ITS    
  Pharos Printing Station (4 B&W, 2 Color) LIBRARY/ITS    
  Copiers (2 - by Circulation Desk) LIBRARY/ITS    
2 President/Provost Office Suite PRESIDENT OFFICE M/W SHELTER
  Math Emporium Classrooms Academic Success      
  Group Study Rooms (212, 213, 215, 216) LIBRARY    
  Presentation Practice Room (214) LIBRARY    
  Wick Poetry Corner LIBRARY    
3 Library Administration/Dean's Office LIBRARY M/W  
  Library IT Support Office (383) LIBRARY/ITS    
  School of Information (iSchool) (314) iSchool    
  Classroom 323, 333      
  Classroom 334 LIBRARY    
  Cataloging/Mailroom (370) LIBRARY    
  Interlibrary Loan (370) LIBRARY    
4 Graphic Novels Collection LIBRARY    
  ESL Reader Collection LIBRARY    
  Writing Commons (418-H) ENGLISH    
  Copier (by 2nd pillar from elevator) LIBRARY/ITS    
  Media:Scape Pods (1 through 4) LIBRARY/ITS    
  Commuter Lockers (keys at circ) LIBRARY    
5 One Stop Offices Academic Affairs M/W  
  Library Offices: Business Services (510) LIBRARY    
  Library Offices: Communications (510) LIBRARY    
  Library Offices: Reference (500)  LIBRARY    
6 Bound Periodicals (Alphabetical Orders) LIBRARY M (only)  
  Copier (by 1st pillar from elevator) LIBRARY/ITS    
7 Juvenile Book Collection LIBRARY W (only)  
  Books PS* to ZA* (Library of Congress Call #) LIBRARY    
8 Quiet Study Area - No Talking/Phones LIBRARY M (only)  
  Statistical Consulting (821) Appt. Only LIBRARY    
  Books HQ* to PR* (Library of Congress Call #) LIBRARY    
9 Institute for Bibliography & Editing (920) ARTS & SCIENCES W (only)  
  Min. Catalog Collection LIBRARY    
  Books A* to HN* (Library of Congress Call #) LIBRARY    
  Juvenile Oversized Collection LIBRARY    
10 Government Documents LIBRARY M (only)  
11 University Press (1118) LIBRARY W (only)  
12 Special Collections and Archives LIBRARY