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Library Reference Resources: Library Technology

Tech Help Ticket

In the event of a technology malfunction, including computers, copiers, and printers, submit a Help Desk ticket to the IT Department by following these steps:

1. Log into the KSU Library Intranet (

2. From the Tools dropdown along the top, select "Helpdesk."

3. On the Helpdesk page, select the top link, "UL Systems Department - Submit a request directly to UL Systems Request (Library Faculty, Staff, and Student Staff only.)"



4. Fill out the form in as much detail as possible.

  • Most Request Types will be either "Computer Support Request" (for a malfunctioning computer, "Software Support Request" (if the issue is strictly software related) and "Copier / Printer Support Request."
  • Provide as detailed an explanation as possible in the Description box, including any steps you or the patron has already used to try to fix the issue.  Also provide contact information if you or the patron wish to be notified regarding the status of the request.
  • Also include the location (1st floor public computers, 4th floor copier, etc.)

5. FORWARD all emails you receive from support services to Tom Warren ( to keep him apprised of the situation.

6. Once the ticket has been placed, use the template shown below to create & print out a paper to place on the computer or printer, indicating that it is out of order.

  • Even if the machine in question is still usable (for example, if it's only an issue with one piece of software on that PC), place the out of order sign on it so that no patrons will be using it when the IT folks come by to work on it.

Out of Order Template

Computer Problem

B&W Printer

Ticket has been placed with

Technical Services

(include ticket number)

Your first initial & last name