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TESOL Research Guide: Research & Writing Resources

Annotated Bibliographies

The following links provide information on annotated bibliographies- definitions, components as well as samples. They are taken from Kent State University Libraries website as well other credible sources such as other writing centers from other Universities and Colleges.


Caution: Do not use a commercial website that offers to write your annotated bibliography for a fee.

Kent State University-

Purdue University-

Cornell University-

Skidmore University-

Ashford University-

University of Southern California-


Easy Bib


University of North Carolina-

Utah Valley University-

On Google advanced search:

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Research Papers

Research Proposal

Dissertations & Theses

Research Management Resources

Citation Management Resources

Kent State University

Library Research Management

Columbia University

Citation Management Software

University of Washington

Citation Management Software

University of Wisconsin

Citation Management Software


Citation Software at MIT

University of Toronto

Citation Management

Literature Reviews

Refer to the Kent State University Libguide- How to do a Literature Review:

This guide explains and shows a range of resources and steps for developing, managing, and completing literature reviews. Different kinds of literature reviews are completed for a variety of projects including class papers, articles, grants, theses, and dissertations.

The following topics are covered:


More Resources on how to write a literature Review: