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Statistical & Qualitative Data Analysis Software: About Stata

About Stata software; links to Stata tutorials and resources.

About Stata

What is Stata?

Stata is a command- and menu-driven software package for statistical analysis. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

Why use Stata?

  • Analysis can be performed using drop-down menus or syntax, accommodating both beginners and advanced users.
  • Cutting-edge statistical methods.
  • Excellent built-in support for structural equation modeling.
    • Models can be specified via syntax or with a path diagram.
  • Large, active online community; repositories of user-contributed packages. 
  • New in version 15: Support for markdown.

What file types are typically associated with Stata?

  • *.do - File containing Stata syntax commands.
  • *.log - Log of the output from the execution of do files or menu-driven commands.
  • *.dta - Stata data file format.
  • *.gph - Stata graph file format.
  • *.stpr - Stata project file.
  • *.stsem - Stata SEM Path Diagram file.

What version of Stata does Kent State currently use?

Currently, Kent State does not license Stata. Kent State faculty, staff, and students interested in Stata must purchase their own license.

How can I access Stata?

Kent State University currently does not have licenses for Stata. However, Kent State faculty, staff, and current students can purchase Stata at a greatly reduced price through the Stata Prof+ Plan (formerly Stata GradPlan). Orders are placed directly through the Stata web site, and once the order is processed, the software can be downloaded immediately.

Some departments may purchase Stata licenses for their faculty and students. Check with your department's local desktop support person before purchasing.

There are three major versions of Stata to choose from: Stata/BE (roughly equivalent to the former Stata/IC), Stata/SE, and Stata/MP. You can find information about the differences in these versions at Stata's website. For most coursework, Stata/BE will be sufficient. For research, theses, and dissertations, Stata/SE is preferred, especially if you are working with longitudinal/panel data.

Faculty and Staff

Currently enrolled students