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Statistical & Qualitative Data Analysis Software: About Qualtrics

About Qualtrics survey software; links to Qualtrics resources online.

About Qualtrics

What is Qualtrics?

Qualtrics is an cloud-based platform for creating and distributing web-based surveys. It can be used on any internet-connected computer.

Why use Qualtrics?

  • Widely used for academic research and market research.
  • Large array of question types, including "basic" types (multiple choice, text, sliders) and specific types (heat maps, constant sums, timers, file attachments).
  • Highly customizable survey appearance.
  • Multiple sharing settings make it easy to collaborate with colleagues on surveys.
  • Advanced conditional logic tools allow for complex experimental designs and user-tailored survey paths.
  • Ability to translate a survey to multiple languages.
  • Ability to add scoring to a survey; can be used to create quizzes for courses or compute subscale scores on psychometric questionnaires.
  • Built-in email distribution capabilities; can send reminder emails to non-responders and thank-you emails to responders.
  • Ability to export data as an SPSS data file (*.sav), comma-delimited file (*.csv), text file (*.txt), Excel file (*.xlsx), HTML, or XML.

Many pay-only features of other commercial survey softwares are available automatically to Kent State Qualtrics users.

For Kent State University faculty, staff, and employees: As of 2023, University Communications & Marketing's Web Team recommends that all web forms are created in Qualtrics or Microsoft Forms.

What file types are typically associated with Qualtrics?

  • *.qsf - A file containing the code for a Qualtrics survey. These files can be uploaded into Qualtrics to automatically recreate or clone a survey.

Who can use Qualtrics?

Kent State University maintains a site-wide license for Qualtrics. All Kent State faculty, staff, and students can access Qualtrics by navigating to and logging in with their Kent State username and password.

Are there any limits on the number of surveys I can create in Qualtrics?

Kent State Qualtrics users can create an unlimited number of surveys. There are also no limits on the number of responses you can have to a specific survey.

How can I customize my survey to use Kent State's colors and logo?

If you are using the default "Qualtrics 2014" theme, use the Kent State-themed CSS from the University Communications and Marketing Web Team.

If you are using the "Minimal 2014" or "Boxed Questions" themes, you can use our Kent State-themed CSS, which was adapted from Qualtrics's code for those templates. You are welcome to use this code chunk as a starting point for customizing your own surveys. This code has only been tested and will only work as intended when used with the Boxed Questions or Minimal 2014 templates as a base.

If you are modifying or developing your own template(s), you can download the approved Kent State logos and color palettes from

Login to Qualtrics

All Kent State University faculty, staff, and students have access to Qualtrics at no charge. To log in to your Kent State Qualtrics account, go to and log in with your FlashLine user name (no and password. All Kent State users must login to Qualtrics at

If you have problems logging in to your Kent State Qualtrics account

If you are unable to access your Kent State Qualtrics account, or need assistance migrating surveys and data to your Kent State Qualtrics account from another account, email to reach the Qualtrics admins for Kent State.

Learn Qualtrics

Upcoming Workshops

Statistical Consulting teaches Qualtrics Part 1: Basic Survey Building and Qualtrics Part 2: Collecting & Analyzing Data workshops during the Fall and Spring semesters through the Tech Help Training program at the library. Visit to view and register for workshops.

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