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Nursing Library Orientation


Need a refresh of your knowledge of Library resources and services?

Check out the NURSING Library Orientation Guide!

Explore this guide for an introduction to library resources and services emphasizing the resources and services most frequently used by Nursing students.

About This Guide

Welcome to the Nurse Educator Library Guide! The information in this guide is presented to support student coursework in the Kent State University College of Nursing Nurse Educator MSN and Certificate programs.

Click on the tabs above to navigate through the pages of this guide for course-focused information about these topics:

Evidence-Based Practice: Review the basics of EBP and learn how to translate YOUR clinical question into a successful search for evidence.

Searching for Evidence to Support EBP: Where and how to search for highest quality level of evidence to support your clinical practice.

Search Tips for EBP Resources: Detailed guidance for searching in EBP databases for secondary resources.

Evidence for Education: Suggested databases and search tips for searching in the education literature for evidence on teaching practice.

The URL for this guide is: