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Nurse Educator Resources: From Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) to Evidence-Based Teaching (EBT)

Translating the PICO(T) Framework to Work for Evidence-Based Teaching

Instead of using the PICO(T) Framework for searching, try the SCTO or PSCOT Frameworks.

S= Students

T=Teaching technique

C= Comparison

O= Outcome

The PSCOT Framework is more flexible in that the population is not limited to students.  Populations can include many others involved in the educational experience including faculty, preceptors, administrators, etc.

P= Population

S= educational Strategy

C= Comparison

O= Outcome

T= Time

(Cannon & Boswell, 2011)


Cannon, S., & Boswell, C. (2011).  Evidence-based teaching in nursing. Jones & Bartlett..


See below for a link to the ebook version of the above-mentioned book.  Chapter 1: Overview of Evidence-Based Practice covers these techniques in step-by-step detail.