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What's in this Guide

Welcome to the Performing Arts Library guide to Finding Library Items.  This guide contains information and links to resources to help you find scores, books, journals, sound recordings and videos in KentLINK or another library catalogs:

Finding Music Scores: Tips to help you find music scores in the Performing Arts Library with emphasis on finding chamber music, songs and arias and musicals.

Finding Journal Articles: Contains links to listings of performing arts-related journal databases, how to use "shelf dummies" to find journal titles and holdings, and information on both citing journal articles and finding articles from citations.

Finding Books: Contains an overview of classification ranges for performing arts books and search instructions for finding them in KentLINK, as well as pages focusing on specific types of books:

  • Biographies: Tips to help you find biographies of performing artists.
  • Dissertations: Tips to help you find dissertations in print and online.
  • Monologues: Tips to help you find monologues in the library and online.
  • Play Scripts: Tips to help you find scripts in the library and online.

Finding Sound Recordings: Links to streaming audio sound recording databases and search instructions for finding CDs.

Finding Video Recordings: Search instructions for finding Performing Arts Library DVDs and VHS tapes.

Performing Arts Special Collections: A guide to the extensive holdings in theater and the performing arts in the Department of Special Collections and Archives.