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Finding Library Items: Dissertations

Finding KSU Dissertations

To browse dissertations at Kent State University do a title search in KentLINK for the following phrases:

School of Music

KSU dissertations (School of Music)
KSU dissertations (Hugh A. Glauser School of Music)
KSU masters theses (Department of Music)
KSU masters theses (School of Music)
KSU masters theses (Hugh A. Glauser School of Music)
KSU honors papers (Hugh A. Glauser School of Music)
KSU honors papers (School of Music)

School of Theatre & Dance

KSU dissertations (School of Theatre)
KSU dissertations (School of Theatre and Dance)
KSU honors papers (School of Theatre)
KSU honors papers (School of Theatre and Dance)
KSU masters theses (School of Theatre)
KSU masters theses (School of Theatre and Dance)

Finding Electronic Dissertations

Use the following databases to find electronic and print dissertations on performing arts topics. Sign-in required from off-campus.

What the icons mean: Resource requires OhioLINK authentication = OhioLINK Authentication |  KentLINK catalog record available = KentLINK Library Catalog  |  Additional information available = Additional Information

Mouse over title for description.

Best Bets:

Additional Resources:

Requesting Physical Items

InterLibrary Loan

Request items not available through KentLINK or OhioLINK through the InterLibrary Loan Office (ILL).  Free-of-charge, ILL is offered to all current Kent State faculty, staff, and students. Simply log into ILLiad to submit a request for a dissertation.

Contact ILL @
330-672-2670  |

Do you live more than 30 miles from a Kent State University Library? 

You may be eligible to sign up to have requestable items (print dissertations, books, print scores, CDs, etc.) in KentLINK or OhioLINK mailed to you.  Turn-around time for on-campus materials is 3+ days and off-campus materials may take much longer (think weeks).  You will receive an email when your items are shipped which will contain tracking information. 

You are eligible for this service if:

  • You live 30 or more miles from any Kent State University library (Kent campus or Regional campuses)
  • You do not come to any KSU Campus to attend class

More information and the sign up authorization form are available on our Distance Learning page.