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Transitioning from RefWorks at Kent State: Transition FAQ

Transition FAQ

How do I move my references from RefWorks to another program ?

How can I get help with transitioning to a new citation manager ?

If you would like in-person help migrating your citations to a new citation manager and learning how it works, we have scheduled and will be scheduling workshops and clinics where you can do this. 

You can also contact one of these librarians to arrange a meeting to walk through the process.

How do I transfer the folder structure that I have in RefWorks?

Folders (and their contents) are exported one at a time. There is no way to export your folder structure from RefWorks into a new citation manager. If you wish to keep your folder structure, you can recreate your folder structure in the new citation manager and export references one folder at a time from RefWorks. Then proceed to import the individual folders into your new citation manager.

How can I transfer my PDFs to a new citation manager?

RefWorks doesn’t have an automatic bulk pdf export option. You will need to download your pdf’s from RefWorks onto your computer and then import the pdf’s into your new citation manager.

How do I export from article databases? Is there a direct export option?

With very few exceptions, every database that exports to RefWorks will also export to these other citation managers. Most databases that offer automatic export to RefWorks also provide the same type of direct export to EndNote. Mendeley and Zotero have browser-based import functions that allow you to import from your database of interest. Many databases also provide the option of direct export in RIS format. The RIS files (with reference information) can then be imported into your citation manager.

Can I access the new citation manager from any computer?

All three programs offer both a desktop version and an online account where you can store references, and to which you can sync the data you have saved in the desktop version. You may access the online account from any computer.

  • EndNote offers a desktop and online (basic) version. Online storage is unlimited if you own a copy of desktop Endnote.
  • Mendeley offers both Mendeley Desktop and an online account (attached files up to 2 GB for free, as well as citations).
  • You can download Zotero either as an add-on for your Firefox browser, or as a standalone program that works in Chrome or Safari. Data is saved locally. But you can set up an account on Zotero and sync your bibliographic information and attached files (up to 300 MB for free, and more for a modest fee) to your online account.

Can I import items from the library catalog (e.g., a KentLINK search for books) ?

  • For Zotero, you can use a Zotero save button you install in Chrome or Safari.
  • We are working on methods and strategies for EndNote and Mendeley

How can I collaborate with others and share folders?

Other citation managers also provide the possibility of collaborative work, through “shared folders” on EndNote, or “groups” on Zotero and Mendeley. See web sites for the product you are interested in for steps.

  • Endnote allows up to 14 members in a group.
  • Mendeley allows up to 3 members in group. 
  • Zotero offers unlimited number of members in group. 

Will there be a Find It! button in the new citation managers?

Some of the citation managers we support offer this functionality:

  • In Zotero, go to gear icon > preferences > advanced > open url and click the "Search for resolvers" button.  Select option KENT STATE UNIV
  • We are looking into how to do this with Mendeley and EndNote

If I am an alum who has been using RefWorks, will I also lose my alumni access?

Yes, when the Kent State ends its institutional subscription you will have to migrate your Refworks database to one of the other citation managers.

If I have used custom fields in RefWorks, will these transfer to a new citation manager?

The Personal Notes and User fields in RefWorks will not transfer to EndNote Basic, Zotero, or Mendeley. You can copy and paste this information into a notes field that you select in the new citation manager.

Can I sign up and pay for an individual account with RefWorks?

We learned recently that RefWorks  will not be offering individual accounts in the future.

FAQ information adapted with permission from FAQ at University of Minnesota Libraries.