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Transitioning from RefWorks at Kent State: Steps for moving from Refworks

Steps for moving from RefWorks

It is fairly straightforward to move references from RefWorks to one of the programs that you see at left: Zotero, EndNote, or Mendeley.  Clicking on one of those options takes you to pages with instruction on downloading and registering for one of the programs. Steps are provided for basic transfer of references from your RefWorks account. 

Why download ? Downloading a full functioning free copy of the program you choose and installing that program supports working on papers and research while you are not connected to the Internet. Thus, you may connect to the Internet to do searching and downloading of references.  Then you can choose to work offline to write papers, work with pdfs, etc.  

Why register ? Registering for one of the programs, in addition to downloading the program, allows you to use your "online" account as a kind of backup to your references. You can "sync" the two.  You can also then access your references when you are not at your personal computer. 

You can also move your references from any of these programs to one of the others.