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Social Studies Education: Research Databases

Tips & Tricks

When searching in the databases for articles the following tips may help you.

* This is the truncation symbol, it searches for variations of your term. For example: teach* will return: teaches, teacher, teachers, teaching

AND - Use the word AND when you want to combine search terms (this will reduce the number of items found). For example: repeated reading AND fluency will find articles that discuss repeated reading and fluency.

OR - Use the word OR when you are searching for a topic that may have different names (this will expand the number of items found). For example: reading aloud OR oral reading will find articles with any of these words.

NOT - Use the word NOT when you want to exclude certain terms from your results. For example: qualitative NOT mixed methods will find articles that talk about qualitative research but exclude any that are mixed methods.

Finding education articles

There are over 100 databases available to you as a KSU student. Below are some databases that contain information on social studies education topics. If you are accessing the databases from off-campus you will need to login using your KSU credentials. The databases listed below are my recommendations, you can always visit the complete listing of library databases. 


Finding historical articles

Use these databases to find historical information.