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Social Studies Education: Welcome

This page provides useful library information for undergraduate and graduate social studies education students.

Information about this guide

Hello and welcome to the LibGuide for Social Studies Education. This LibGuide is designed to provide you with useful information as you proceed through your coursework and research needs. Different pieces of information can be found under the pages located on the left side of the page.

The Core Journal page provides information on core journals in the field of social studies education and how you can access those journals.

The Research Databases page provides information on key databases that you should use to find research articles in social studies education.

The K-12 Databases page provides information on databases that are appropriate to use with students enrolled in K-12. These can be helpful when looking for information to include in lesson plans.

The ODE Information page provides information from the Ohio Department of Education, including information on content standards.

The Book Awards page provides various lists of book awards for children and young adult literature.

The Professional Organizations page provides information on different organizations associated with social studies education.

The APA Information page provides information on writing APA citations. There are subpages dealing with various aspects of APA listed under this page.