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GIS Data & Tools: Installing GIS Software

ESRI ArcGIS Software at Kent State

ESRI ArcGIS Licensing

A copy of the current (10.1 or 10.2) ArcGIS software is available to all affiliated Kent State University faculty, staff and students.

Read the licensing agreement BEFORE you download or request software. Your participation in the licensing agreement ensures that Kent State is not subject to legal actions or the revocation of our software license.

For Courses

If you are interested in using the software as part of your course instruction and would like students to have a copy, 1 year (terminal) educational copies of the software.

Unless otherwise noted, you will receive the most recent version of the ArcGIS software.

Installing ArcGIS on a Mac

Follow these steps to install ArcGIS on a Mac laptop or desktop.  Please remember that ArcGIS is not supported on the Mac OS, however will run with bootcamp or parallels.  This link will show you all of the options available to you.   

AutoCAD Help

AutoCAD integration with ArcGIS 10.0

Download the free plug in at:

Find instructions on how to integrate at:

More help can be found at:

Single Use Licenses

Method 1: Download the software

  1. Complete the Request Software form for a provisioning file before you install the software. You can download the software without a provisioning file but it will not run until you “authorize” it.
  2. Download software at:
  3. Point the License Administrator to the file that was sent to you by email from


Concurrent Licenses

For concurrent licenses to ArcGIS (computer lab or office machines that can remain connected to the internet while the program is being used):

  1. Download software at:
  2. Complete the Request Software form for a file server authorization set up. Please note how many machines will be served.