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Comparing APA and AMA Style: References Lists

Rules for References Lists in APA

  • Always start on the next full page.
  • Center the bolded word "References" at the top of the page
  • Double space throughout
  • List sources in alphabetical order by first author last name (if no author, alphabetic by the first word of the title)
  • Use a hanging indent for the second (and all subsequent) lines of the reference list entry.

Example References List

Rules for References Lists in AMA

  • DO NOT begin the Reference list on a new page.  Insert a space or line between the end of your writing and the Reference list.
  • Single space the list.
  • DO NOT center the word REFERENCES, leave it flush with the left margin and all in caps.
  • List sources in the order that you cited them.  All references are numbered. If you cite a source multiple times in the paper, you will continue using the superscript number you first used.  For example, if the first item you cite in your paper (this will be number one of your references list) is cited again anywhere else in the paper, you will still use superscript number 1.
  • DO NOT use a hanging indent

Example References List