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FBI Crime Statistics

The Federal Bureau of Investigation's Uniform Crime Reporting Program collects crime data from city, county, state and other law enforcement agencies in the United States. Their publication Crime in the U.S. includes statistics on violent crime as well as arrest statistics for other offenses.

Use the link below to use the Crime Data Explorer to find the latest Ohio statistics!

Use the pull down boxes to select the needed crime or arrest data set and choose Ohio to see the state statistics:


Ohio Crime Statistics

Ohio"s Office of Criminal Justice Services compiles the data reported by local law enforcement agencies for the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting Program on their Crime Statistics and Crime Reports page.

Annual statistics by county and reporting agency are provided as Excel files. Click on the "Crimes by County" Statistics file for the most recent available year.

Domestic Violence in Ohio

The Ohio Attorney General's office publishes statewide data including incidents reported by county and agency:

Choose the most recent year's reports from this webpage:

OVI Statistics

The Ohio State Highway Patrol reports "year to date" statistics for enforcement of Ohio's law prohibiting operation of a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Visit their Statistics website and use the pull-down box on the right under the state map to get statistics by county or OSHP district: