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Getting Started with Systematic Reviews: What's on this site

Getting started with systematic reviews: 2017-2018

  • This site will also continue to evolve during the spring and summer.
  • At left are sections of content.  The basic sections and the subsections all contain content.
  • This site is an introduction to "systematic reviews".  It is initially being developed to support instruction at Kent State. Workshops began in 2016, and development is ongoing.
  • On this site the term "systematic reviews" (or SR) is used to refer to a range of methodologies and products.  The methods and associated products have also been called "research syntheses".  For more, see "SR Types" at left.
  • Content on this site will be growing because approaches to SR are evolving and the adoption of SR methods is expanding.
  • To connect to some of the resources included, users may need to use the KSU Proxy (e.g., to access articles).  The VPN has been used in the past for access to articles.  On this site, the KSU Proxy or other alternatives may be noted.
  • Navigation links at the left connect to background, steps, examples, and other information.  

Do contact Paul Fehrmann if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.  Put "systematic reviews" in the email subject line if possible.  My background information is at left.