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Hospitality Tools & Resources

About this guide

This guide is intended for all students of Hospitality/Tourism Management.  Here you will find information useful for general library use, off-campus access, and library resources appropriate for both undergraduate and graduate courses. It also serves as an abbreviated guide for using business, marketing and management resources with an emphasis specifically for hospitality and tourism projects.

For detailed guides on a variety of business related topics please see: Link to guides associated with Business.

As you progress in your studies you may find your projects and research intersect a variety of subjects such as tourism, business, green spaces, public health & sanitation and many more.  University Libraries employs many subject-specialist librarians.  If you wish to contact a subject specialist, please see: Link to Librarians by Subject.

Guide Contents

Home - The current page.  Would you like to share this guide? Here is a friendly URL:

Library: Off-Campus: Basics - This page provides an overview of how to use University Libraries with an emphasis on off-campus access.

Research Tools - Library resources with an emphasis on industry profiles, market research and investigating current trends/research. 

APA Style - This is a redirect to a summary of APA Style guides and tutorials (opens in new tab or window).