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3D Printing at the SMS: Google Cardboard

What is Google Cardboard?

Google Cardboard is a device that allows users to turn their smartphones into a virtual reality (VR) device. Designed by Google, the device itself is actually produced by a wide array of manufacturers in a variety of materials - from plastic to metal and even cardboard itself. Being an open design, you can even create one yourself!

Recommended VR apps

Just typing "VR" in your smartphone's app store will produce hundreds of results. If you need some suggestions on where to start, here are just a small sampling of free apps that we have tried and enjoyed so far.


  • Lamper VR
  • Deep Space VR
  • Titans of Space
  • Vrse


  • Cedar Point VR
  • Discovery VR
  • The Walk VR
  • Moorente VR

Make your own!

While there are many versions of Google Cardboard available for purchase in a variety of styles and prices, you can also make your own! Google shares a basic design template to get you started. A cleaned up version with instructions is provided below.