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RefWorks at Kent State University: RefWorks - Start Here

This guide provides basic information for getting started with RefWorks at Kent State University.

Important Announcement - RefWorks Transition

** At the end of June, 2017 the Kent State University subscription to RefWorks expired. 


Click here to connect to a web site for details and support information.


That web site provides the following:

  • Explanation for RefWorks transition decision.
  • Comparisons of key alternatives (EndNote, Mendeley, Zotero) - consider workflow, cost, functions, and your needs.
  • Basic steps for moving your references from RefWorks to another program.
  • Workshops, clinic, and consultation information.
  • Transition FAQ.
  • Online Help (help from the software sites and connctions to other users)

For questions about this web site contact Paul Fehrmann


This guide covers basic steps for using RefWorks at Kent State University

About this guide.  This guide provides a basic introduction, information and a sets of steps for using RefWorks at Kent State.  

LINKS.   In this guide the links should open in new tabs or windows in your browser.  So, after use a link to go to information, you can close that window or tab and return to this page (the RefWorks guide).

About RefWorks.  With RefWorks you can create a personal research management system, and have access to it from anywhere on the Internet. You can store information (references) about books and articles, web resources, etc. Also, you can automate the process of creating bibliographies or citations and references in papers (in Microsoft Word, etc.).

You can connect to the RefWorks site for video tutorials, for FAQ's, and more. You can also connect to another "library guide" developed by RefWorks.  The online "HELP" can be another source. 

Getting Started at KSU.  Just below you see information on starting. The choices at the left of the screen connect to other basic steps for using RefWorks.  After you register, you can click here to login to RefWorks (in a new browser "window" or new "tab").  And then return to this guide for steps to use.  

Classes/workshops.  You should find a handout with or under the "Start Here" choice at left.  You can download the handout for descriptions on getting started and advanced functions with RefWorks.

Connecting off campus.  See options below for KSU students, faculty, and staff.            

Getting help with RefWorks

Once connected you can click HELP for online information that can answer questions. You can also click on that now.

You can also connect to another "library guide" developed by RefWorks.

Again, you can also connect to the RefWorks site for video tutorials, for FAQ's, and more.  

When you leave Kent State.  See options below. 

Getting Started - Setting Up Your RefWorks Account

Setting up Your Account

1. Go to

2. Near the left side of the screen, click on Login

3. From the Login window, click the link Sign up for an New Account.

4. For Step 1, if needed type in RWKentSU as the Group Code. 

5. On that Step 1 screen, for the email *do use your KSU email (e.g.,

6. Do not use your FlashLine information as the Login Name or Password for your RefWorks account. Create a *different Login Name and Passwork that you will remember. Do remember those.

7. For Step 2., select a Area of Focus and Type of User.  Then click Create Account.
When completed, you should see a welcome screen. You are connected to your new RefWorks account.  It is ready to use.  

Connecting Off Campus (Apt. etc.)

Desktop or Laptop Computer Access - 2 choices

1. If you are off campus using a desktop or laptop computer, then you should use the KSU Cisco VPN.

The KSU Cisco VPN is a service that allows you to connect to the campus network from a remote location as if you were on campus. First you must perform a simple, one-time installation of the VPN client program on the computer you will be using.  To find installation and connecting info for Windows and Macintosh computers click here.  After that, whenever you need access to a restricted resource (such as a research database like PsycINFO, or a journal article), first start up the VPN program. When the VPN starts you then are prompted to enter your FlashLine ID and password.  When you do that, and it connects, you will be connected to the campus network and can access any restricted resource just as you would from on-campus.  

2. A second choice is to login also using the Group Code which was sent in the email confirmation you received when setting up your RefWorks account. This code access is also used with Write-N-Cite, the Microsoft Word plugin that facilitaties automated citing and creation of references from with Microsoft Word. So, do save that code.  You can call the Universtiy Libraries Reference Desk if you forget the "code".  Call 330-672-3150.

Mobile Access

Directions for mobile devices are here.

Options for RefWorks when you leave Kent State

1. As an KSU alumni, you will have complimentary ongoing access to RefWorks as long as KSU maintains its subscription to RefWorks.

2. You can pay for a personal subscription to RefWorks.

3. You can export the data in your RefWorks account using one of several formats.  This will make it possible for you to import the data into another application.