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Current Issues in Hospitality & Tourism Management

This guide is designed to help students in Dr. Chuang's course.

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Vanessa Earp
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Librarian for the College of Education, Health, & Human Services (EHHS), and Academic Integrity Librarian. Associate Professor

What is Content Analysis?

Content analysis is a research method where texts are examined to gather information. There are many different ways to conduct a content analysis. For this class you will focus on thematic content analysis. For a general overview of content analysis please look at The Sage Encyclopedia of Social Science Research Methods, this book is on the 9th floor of the Main Library (call number H62 L456 2004).

A thematic content analysis looks at a text and tries to determine the main theme or topic of that article. Below are some examples of thematic content analysis. All of the journals listed can be found using the Journal Finder tool on the library's main webpage. You can also search for the specific articles by using the Citation Linker tool.

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