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About the Paper Map Collection

The Map Library uses the Library of Congress call number system for most paper maps. Each geography is assigned a call number range, with subjects within each geographic area under it.

Use the tabs to find maps by:

U.S. State or

World Regions

Use the boxes to the right to find out how to read the call numbers.

Reading the Call Number

Most maps are arranged by call number under G

  • G3731 .C5 1972 .U5 The first section tells you WHAT region, country, state, city. This map is of Maine.
  • G3731 .C5 1972 .U5 The second section tells you the subject of the map .C5 is geology. This is a geologic map of Maine.
  • G3731 .C5 1972 .U5 The date tells you the date the map was printed, or surveyed. This map was made in 1972.
  • G3731 .C5 1972 .U5 The last section may or may not be present on the map.  It gives the first letter of the author/creators's name. This map was produced by the United States Geological Survey .U5.

Cities and Counties

Cities and Counties are designated in the call numbers for US States in the following way:

G4080 maps of the entire state of Ohio or another state, G3810 (New Jersey), G3820 (Pennsylvania), G3890 (West Virginia), etc.

G4081, subjects in the states

G4082, regions and natural features of the states

G4083 .P7, Portage County Ohio or other counties, G4083 .A2 (Adams County), G4083 .B4 (Belmont County), etc.

G4084.K3, Kent, Ohio or other cities and towns, G4084 .A3 (Akron), G4084 .C5 (Cleveland), etc.

How Subjects appear:

  • G 4081 substitute any state’s call number G_ _ _ 1

            .C3 Hydrogeology/ hydrology

            .C4 Ground water

            .C5 Geology

            .E653 Tourist

            .F7 Political boundaries

            .G3 Natural Resources

            .J3 Soils

            .P2 Roads/ transportation

  • Subjects in a county (for example in Ohio) Substitute any state’s call number G_ _ _3

G4083 .P7 (Portage county) C5 (Geology)

  • Subjects in a city (for example in Ohio) Substitute any state’s call number G_ _ _ 4

G4084 .A3 (city of Akron) .P2 (Roads)