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Finding Paper Maps: Countries by Region

Finding a Country

In the Library of Congress call numbers, the countries of the world are divided into regions.

Beginning with the world as a whole and then moving from the Western Hemisphere in North America (Canada and the U.S.A.) to South America, then east to Europe, Asia, Africa and the Pacific.

The call numbers get larger as you go east and south of North America.

How to Find a Map

Finding Maps by World Region

By Location: Each country, region has its own call number range. Here are a few starting places.

World Maps: G3200


  • North America: G3300
  • Canada: G3400
  • United States: G3700
  • Caribbean: G4390
  • Mexico: G4410
  • Central America: G4800
  • Puerto Rico: G4970
  • South America: G5200

Europe: G5700

  • Western Europe: G5720
  • British Isles: G5740
  • Central Europe: G6030
  • Southern Europe:G6530
  • Iberian Peninsula (Spain & Portugal): G6540
  • Balkan Peninsula: G6800
  • Eastern Europe: G6965

Asia/Middle East

  • Middle East: G7420
  • South Asia: G7625
  • Far East: G7800
  • Southeast Asia: G8000
  • Malaysia: G8030
  • Philippines: G8060
  • Indonesia: G8070
  • Papua New Guinea: G8160


  • North Africa: G8220
  • Eastern Africa: G8320
  • Southern Africa: G8480
  • Central Africa: G8630
  • West Africa: G8735