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APA Style - 7th edition: Reference Lists

Reference list basics

Below are some basic rules to follow when creating a reference list:

  • Start this section on a new page. The word References should be centered at the top of the page and be bold.
  • Always double-space your reference list
  • Always arrange your reference list alphabetically by authors' last name
  • Only use the last name of the author followed by the initials for their first and middle names
  • You must include all of the authors for an item on your reference list up to 20. For example if you are using an article that has 18 authors you must list them all (you do not use et al. on the reference page)
  • Use the ampersand symbol "&" symbol before the last author listed
  • Always use a hanging indent for the second and subsequent lines of a citation

Sample reference list

The word document below is a sample reference page. You may be prompted to save the file to view it.