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APA Style - 7th edition: Articles

What You Need to Write a Reference Entry

To write a reference entry for an article you need the following pieces of information:

  • Author(s)
  • Publication date (for journals this is usually only the year, for magazines it may be the year, month, day)
  • Article title
  • Journal / Magazine title (this is italicized)
  • Volume number (this is italicized)
  • Issue number
  • Page numbers
  • If the article is electronic you also need to include either the DOI or URL information. These should be live hyperlinks in your document. If the article was found in an academic database and there is not a DOI given, do not use the URL of an academic database. The reference should end with the page numbers. See the example below for Begley.
  • For examples and more information see pages 316-321 in the manual.


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Begley, S. (2018, January 15). What happens to big-league books when scandal knocks. Time, 191(1), 51-53.

Eret, E., & Ok, A. (2014). Internet plagiarism in higher education: Tendencies, triggering factors and reasons among teacher candidates. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, 39(8), 1002-1016.