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HPM 52016: Public Health Administration: About Articles

About Different Types of Articles

Periodicals are not all the same. You need to know the difference. For most assignments, you will be expected to use articles from peer-reviewed, scholarly journals.

Some terms to understand: 

  • "Periodical" is an umbrella term for materials like newspapers, magazines and journals.
  • "Magazine" refers to a popular or trade publication.
  • "Journal" is used for periodicals that publish scholarly content.
    • "Peer-reviewed" articles provide the highest quality control standard as articles are scrutinized by experts in the field before being published.
    • "Editor-reviewed" articles have more limited review and do not meet the same gold standard of quality.
    • "Research" articles have undergone peer-review and present the results of rigorous research studies. This work is seen as contributing to the knowledge base of the field and moving it forward.

Find Out More about Different Types of Journals

View this presentation to learn more about appropriate sources for MPH work.